COVID-19 information

Due to the coronavirus COVID-19, Hotel De Koepoort has taken appropriate measures to ensure the safety of our guests and employees. We look forward to welcoming you and explain below what measures have been taken within our hotel.

Public spaces 
All public areas (including the lobby, reception, toilets etc.) are disinfected on a regular basis. 
A disinfectant handgel is available at the reception of the hotel.
In the hotel we use one-way traffic routes as much as possible.
The elevator are only used to go upstairs. We ask guests to take the stairs down so that the one-way traffic measure can be ensured. 
Distance stickers are placed where necessary.

Check-in procedure 
During the check-in procedure, we make sure that there are as few contact moments as possible. The following measures apply at check-in:

Plexiglasscreens where required;
All our employees avoid hand contact as much as possible;
Contactless payment is required.

Lounge - Restaurant and Terraces
We use one-way traffic as much as possible.
To guarantee the 1.5 meter distance there will be less seats available.
The 1.5 meter distance are signposted.

The hotel rooms are disinfected according to the measures of the RIVM.

Please note that our employees are aware of the measures taken. Naturally, we apply a strict sick report policy for all employees. 

For more information and questions about the coronavirus COVID-19 we refer you to the website of the RIVM.

For questions about bookings or about security measures at our hotel, please contact us by email:

The well-being of our and guests and colleagues is our number one priority.