Surroundings Hotel De Koepoort

Admire the ships in the port, walk past the numerous monuments and canals or unwind among the ancient trees which ornament the cities rampart. Everywhere in Enkhuizen you will feel the atmosphere of a rich VOC past. Within the rampart there are 366 monuments listed, each with an separate story. Not only the historical buildings and canals are surprising, but also the locals will have your attention with their welfare, hospitality and conviviality. Bars and cafes are plentiful and in particular Westerstraat you find the best shops.

The Dutch East India Company towns Medemblik and Hoorn are easy to reach by car, train and even by boat. Also a trip to Alkmaar and Amsterdam makes Enkhuizen the perfect home base for a multi-day visit. 

In and around Enkhuizen you can enjoy boating, hiking and cycling. At our reception you will receive more information about Enkhuizen and there are several hiking and cycling routes available.